Ordering for 2-21-15 Pickup is Closed

arugula babyThese little sprouts will be peppery, delicious arugula in about 5 weeks. Along with kale, mizuna, and tatsoi, it adds a spicy flavor to the salad mix. Mid-February is when we see a big change in greenhouse growth, as the days get longer faster. The greens that survived the winter will begin to bolt soon, and whatever we get planted or seeded now in the houses will have ideal conditions to get established and grow. Except for the bitterly cold weather we are experiencing, of course.

This week we’ll have salad mix, spinach, kale, chard, and parlsey, as well as our carrots, potatoes, beets, turnips, and misato radishes.

Ordering will close Tuesday at 10am. Pickup and payment will be between 9-11 am at the Lincoln Square Mall in front of Piato, on Saturday, 2-21-15.

To order, click on “Winter Market Reservations” on the right sidebar.

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Ordering for Feb. 7 Pickup is Closed. Pickup at Lincoln Square on Saturday 2-7-15, 9-11am.

IMG_3144Here is Jenny showing off our returning salad mix. Over in the corner you can see some freshly seeded arugula and greens for the mix, they’re under the white cloth. This was taken in our only heated greenhouse, which is heated using used vegetable oil in a multi-oil burner. You can see the emergency row cover that we use to cover the rows in case the heater fails.

This week we have salad mix, spinach, kale, carrots, potatoes, turnips, and beets on the order sheet. This week we are saying goodbye to Purple Majesty potatoes, and welcoming German Butterball potatoes. German Butterballs are a very versatile, buttery, small-sized potato with medium/dry yellow flesh. We’ve tried them roasted, mashed, and in dal.

For first time users, please check out the link on the right-hand sidebar titled, “Winter Market: How it Works”.

Our pickup up will be on Saturday from 9-11am at the Lincoln Square Village at teh Food Court in front of Piato.


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Ordering for January 24th pickup is closed.

IMG_3116The pickup will be at Lincoln Square Mall from 9-11am at the Food Court, in front of Piato.  For first time users, please click on the link on the right sidebar entitled: Winter Market: How it Works. This week we will have fresh produce, spinach, salad mix, claytonia, and kale for pre-order. Whatever is on the order sheet is what we have left. We will have carrots, turnips, beets, misato radishes and potatoes for pre-order. We will bring enough for you to grab extra as well.  We will have the following type of potatoes:
Carola: Yellow flesh and skin. Moist, firm flesh. Amazing buttery flavor. Use it for everything.
Desiree: Pink skin and yellow flesh. Moist flesh. Great for potato salads or boiled.
Purple Majesty: Smaller sized potato. Purple skin and flesh. Dry texture.  Will absorb lots of butter.
Laratte Fingerling: Yellow flesh and skin. Waxy texture.  Great in soups or roasted.

For produce that is in very short supply, we are trying to spread out the goodness to as many people as possible, so you will be limited on the quantity of these items you can order.

We are still in a low-production time, not just because of cold temperatures, but also short day length. That will start to change by mid-February.

Again, we will be at the Lincoln Square Mall, from 9-11, at the Food Court in front of Piato. Starting on January 24th, we will be there every other Saturday until the regular market starts in May.


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Market Goodness tomorrow 12-6-14

IMG_2772 We have been too swamped with winter preparation too post!

All carrots, potatoes, cabbage, turnips, beets, and misato radishes are out of the ground and in storage ready to sell all winter long.

Our greenhouses are full of green things: spinach, kale, collards, and salad mix, ready to be slowly cut into until the sun comes back and they start to grow again.

Tomorrow we will have: Salad mix, Arugula, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Carrots, Claytonia, Collards, Fennel, Garlic, Kale, Kohlrabi, Misato Radishs, Napa Cabbage, Potatoes, Spinach, Turnips and Winter Squash.

There are only three more markets until Christmas. After that, we continue with our plan to move into online sales in January. We plan to be in the mall, exact location to be determined.

Enjoy the warm rain!

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Holiday Market Tomorrow 8-1pm

IMG_2709 Stefan and Abad harvesting some of the last Butterball potatoes from our bumper crop this year. Look for those in upcoming markets.

Tomorrow begins the first of the indoor Holiday Markets inside Lincoln Square Mall.  The market goes from 8-1pm. Our stand is in front of Art Mart.

We will have the following produce for sale: Arugula, Beet bunches, Baby Bok choy, Broccoli heads and shoots, Cabbage, Carrots, Chard, Cilantro, Collards, Fennel, Garlic, Green Onions, Kale, Kohlrabi, Misato Radish, Radish bunches, Napa Cabbage, Parsley, Green Peppers, Sweet Red Peppers, Hot Peppers, Perpetual Spinach, Potatoes, Turnip Bunches, Delicata squash, Butternut Squash, Acorn Squash, Salad Mix, and Spinach.

See you there!


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Happy Halloween!

pepper wheelTomorrow is the last outside market, but the bounty of harvest will continue to be available at the Holiday Market inside Lincoln Square Mall from 8-1pm starting November 8 until December 27th.

After that, starting January 17th, we will begin our online ordering. If you haven’t already, sign up to our email list to receive biweekly order alerts. Go to Email List on the right sidebar. Make sure you check your email to confirm your subscription. You may receive occasional updates beyond the order alerts, but don’t worry, you won’t see us too much in your inbox.

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Tastes of Summer at the Market 5-31-14

photo(3)It has been a sunny week here at Blue Moon, and everything is growing.

We have lots of new produce for the market tomorrow. New additions include: Collards, Green Garlic, Green Onions, Kohlrabi, Mustard Bunches, Perpetual Spinach, Garlic Scapes, Turnips, and Green Zuccini.

We will also have: Arugula, Asparagus, Basil, Bok Choy, Cilantro, Chard, Head Lettuce, Kale, Napini, Parsley, Radishes, Salad Mix, and Spinach.

Look for Sugar Snap Peas next week!

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Ordering for 4-26-14 Pick-Up is Closed

kale queenFor our final pick-up before the regular market we will have: salad mix, spinach, arugula, napini, radishes, baby bok choy, kale, and parsley. We have had a great  winter market this year, and want to thank everyone for their participation.

Enjoy this wonderful weather, it looks like the cold may really have quit us.

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Ordering for 4-15-14 is Closed

claytoniaThis week for our pick-up, which will be from 9-11am in the Lincoln Square Village, we will have lots of baby bok choy and claytonia. The spinach and salad mix will be in shorter supply. We moved the greenhouses that were covering the kale and chard last week, which exposed them to significant wind damage, and we are giving them some time off to recover. We may have some to bring by Saturday, but no guarantees.

The weather has set our outside planting schedule behind at least a week, so we are focusing this week on getting in as much field work as possible, hoping Monday’s rain will not be a big weather event.

We will close ordering on Tuesday at 10pm or so, so your best bet is to order Monday no matter what.

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Ordering for 3-29-14 is Closed

lettuce2Salad mix, spinach, kale, chard, cilantro, parsley, claytonia, and carrots are on the order page. Keep in mind that cilantro and parsley will sell out quickly, but the other greens are in good supply.

Ordering will open on Monday at 12:00, noon. Ordering will close on Tuesday at 10pm.

We apologize for the inconvenience of the new set-up, and thank you for your patience while we run around the tables in order to stock.  We will try to come up with strategies to make the space work for Saturday.

As for farm news, we have planted our first greenhouse of tomatoes, finished washing all of the carrots, eaten our last misato radish, and are preparing for move a couple of greenhouses onto their spring/summer plots for the summer.

We will be at Prairie Fruits Farm the following Saturday, April 5th. selling produce at their delicious breakfast.

Thank you all for your participation. We only have a couple more of these events until the regular Farmer’s market starts on May 3rd.

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Ordering for Pickup 3-1-14 Is Closed

Winter Density LettuceThis week we will have salad mix, arugula, cilantro, parsley, kale, collards, claytonia, carrots, potatoes, turnips, and misato radishes on the order sheet.  In spite of the impressive flooding of last week, things on the farm are looking up. We managed to wash many hundreds of pounds of carrots last week in the barrel washer, seed lettuce, arugula, radishes, and bok choy into the greenhouses, and survive losing our boots in the deep mud of greenhouse nine.

A word about our potatoes. We will bring a variety of potatoes this week as extras.

We hope for another smooth (?) Saturday pickup, so thanks for all your great cooperation.

To place your order, click on the “Winter Market Reservations” link on the right sidebar, or on the banner above.

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Ordering for 2-15-14 Pickup is Closed

carrots2 In order to make the ordering process a little more fair, we have decided to have a set time that ordering will open before each pickup. Mondays at noon seems like a good time. 

Until they sell out, you will find salad mix, spinach, cilantro, and kale on the order page. Storage items, such as potatoes, carrots, turnips and misato radishes are also on the page, but will not sell out.

The pickup will be on Saturday from 9-11 in our usual spot in the Lincoln Square Village, in the eating area behind Common Ground Food Co-op.

We find ourselves moving lots of snow these days, and anticipating the challenge of  prepping the greenhouses for spring plantings with all the snowmelt. After losing one house of lettuce in November to high winds, and then losing another house of lettuce last month to the low temperatures, we need to replant as soon as possible. That being said, Stefan just seeded our first planting of early tomatoes, so good things are on the way.


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Ordering Closed for Saturday 2/1/14 Pick-Up

We will have another pick-up on Saturday, February 1st from 9-11.


We wish we had better news this time around about the productivity in the high tunnels. The cold temps and sunless days mean that there hasn’t been a lot of growth since our harvest for the last pickup. This means a smaller harvest. Additionally, this week looks difficult to harvest in, so we are only putting produce on the list that is coming from our heated house, if we happen to have a day that gets above freezing, we’ll cut some kale bunches (or claytonia, etc) and bring them as extras, but it’s not looking likely. The storage items will be there.


There are so few fresh produce items on the list, expect that they will sell out rapidly.


Ordering will close on Tuesday evening.


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Winter Market Date Change: 1-18-14 Ordering closed

Due to the weather, we have changed the market date to 1-18-14. Sorry to all those who can’t make that date. We are leaving the order sheet open, but there is only dry goods available at this time.

We are launching the winter market for 2014 on Saturday 1-18-14 from 9-11 at the Lincoln Square Village. We are hopeful that the greenhouse produce will survive the arctic blast, but will let everyone know if the plants are too damaged to harvest. The storage crops: carrots, potatoes, turnips, and beets are all safe and guaranteed.  For all of you who are ordering from us for the first time, please click on the link on the right sidebar “Winter Market: How it Works”.  To order, click on the right sidebar, “Winter Market Reservations.”  Please make sure you complete the ordering process and receive an order confirmation.

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We’ve Got Everything

white russian kaleat the Holiday Market tomorrow, 11-23-13 at the Lincoln Square Village from 8-1pm.

Arugula, Beets, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Napa Cabbage, Carrots, Chard, Cilantro, Claytonia, Collards, Fennel, Garlic, Kale, Kohlrabi, Onions, Parsley, Green peppers, Hot Peppers, Potatoes, Winter Squash, Radishes, Misato Radishes, Salad Mix, Spinach, and Turnips

Even though we lost the plastic off of two of our greenhouses last weekend, we haven’t lost the holiday spirit.

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Arugula, Asparagus and More at the Market 5/25/13

asparagus Spring is here!

We have lots of pepper, tomato, and basil plants for your garden, as well as a good variety of produce.

New for this week: Radishes, Cilantro, Spinach, Head Lettuce, and Basil.

We will also have Arugula, Asparagus, Salad Mix, different varieties of Kale, Chard, Collards, Perpetual Spinach, and Napini.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and cook delicious food.


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Blue Moon Is Hiring

If you know someone who wants to work hard and eat well, we are looking to hire for the following positions:

Field Hands: Harvesting, Weeding, Seeding, Planting.  Full-time and part-time positions available, starting May and June, ending in November.

Equipment Operator & Master Constructor: Operate small equipment, make stuff, fix stuff, harvest, weed, seed and plant .  Full-time and part-time positions available, starting May or June, ending in November, or never.

Packing Shed Manager: Manage the washing, storage, order fulfillment and delivery of certified organic vegetables.  There will also be some harvesting and weeding on the side. This is a long-term, part-time position running every May-December (though could be year-round).  Hours are Tuesdays and Fridays 8:30 am – 5:30pm (Thursdays would be nice too, but not required).  Applicant should be self-motivated, highly organized, Excel literate, absolutely reliable, have a proven commitment to the area and love fresh produce. 

 If you are interested, email us at bluemoonfarmurbana@gmail.com.

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Electric Packing Truck – Priceless

Truck   Used electric truck $1500

   Steel for frame  $300

   4 plastic pallets $40

   Labor  $400

   Jon’s time hunting on ebay?

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Ordering for 4/20/13 Pickup is Now Closed

We have Salad Mix, Spinach, Kale, Chard, and Turnips for sale.

When we pulled the greenhouses off of the kale and chard and exposed them to the fierce wind, they got leaf-damaged, so they are in very limited supply.

Our next market on May 4th will be in the parking lot of Lincoln Square.

Thanks to everyone for their participation in the winter market this year. We hope you enjoyed all the fresh produce while the snow fell and the wind howled.

For first time orderers, please click on the link on the right sidebar labelled, “Winter Market: How it Works”


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Prairie Fruits Farm Breakfast and Farmer’s Market 3/30/13

We will be at the on-farm breakfast Saturday from 9-12 at Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery. There are directions on their website. Our table will be outside the main barn, along with other vendors.

We will have Salad Mix, Spinach, Arugula (small amount), Kale, Chard, Cilantro, Parsley, Turnips, Carrots, and a few types of Potatoes.

There is no pre-order process, it is all first-come, first served.

Prairie Fruits Farm is a great place to visit. Not just baby goats to ogle and delicious breakfast to eat (this week featuring some  Blue Moon chard and potatoes), but they also have…PIGS. Perhaps the most adorable animals I’ve seen in a long time. (Sorry baby bunny outside the packing shed, these black pigs win in cuteness.)

The following week, 4/6/13, we will be back at the Lincoln Square Village, with our usual pick-up. You will get an email reminder Sunday night to let you know that ordering is open on the website.

Hope to see you tomorrow morning!



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