Dinosaur Kale

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Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are a spring favorite.  Come early to market if you want them bks we don’t have that many this year because of bad weather and on farm pests.


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We only grow hard neck garlics because they have wonderful large cloves and taste greatLeeks

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Kohlrabi is an old time favorite that is available spring and fall.  It is great fresh, peeled, chilled with a bit of salt.DSCN0003.JPG

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We grow eight or so types of potatoes including fingerlings and regular spuds suitible for roasting, boiling and baking.  DSCN0031.JPG

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Salad Mix

Our salad mDSCN0280.JPGix includes a mixture of asian and  italian greens, brassicas, and several types of leaf lettuces.   Only the best and bravest of greens are included as they must consistently perfom well in Illinois’ exciting and ever changing climate. 

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Broccoli and Broccoli Crowns

Romanesco Broccoli.JPGDSCN0006.JPGSmall heads of broccoli come in early in the season.Purple Cauliflower.JPG

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Everyone’s favorite edible perennial!  This typically comes in during May a week or two before market and keep coming in until early-to-mid June.


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