Ordering for 4-9-16 is Closed

Bunching GreensLast week was a whirlwind of planting and then trying to stay out of the wind’s way. Here are bedraggled but surviving bunching greens that we transplanted minutes before the first round of thunderstorms hit last Wednesday.

Our pickup is scheduled for Saturday, April 9th from 9-11am at the Lincoln Square Village in Urbana. Our stand is on the north end of the Middle Market row of stands.

This time around we have a good amount of salad mix, spinach, and bunching greens. No more misato radishes, beets, or claytonia. We’ll have beets in a month or so, and regular radishes in a few weeks. Claytonia is gone until next winter.

Turnips are still holding out, as are Carola potatoes, Desiree potatoes, fingerlings, and German Butterball potatoes. Here is a potato guide.

Carola: Mid-starch, buttery flavor, yellow flesh. Uses: Very versatile, from roasting to baking to gratin, delicious.
German Butterball: High starch, yellow skin and flesh. Uses: great for baking, roasting and frying. Try making “toasties”.
Desiree : Pink skin, yellow flesh, moist firm texture. Uses: salads and stews.
Purple Viking: Purple/pink splashed skin, white flesh, moist texture. Uses: we have used them mashed and in salads, creamy texture.
Laratte Fingerling: yellow flesh, waxy. Uses: roasting!

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