Ordering for 2-27-16 Pickup is Closed

Germ ChamberHere is our first seeding of the year: tomatoes and parsley. They are in a very warm chamber to encourage germination.

There will be another pickup this Saturday, 2-27-16, at the Lincoln Square Village from 9-11am at the Middle Market. They don’t tell us our exact spot until Thursday, but most likely we will once again be in front of Calico Jewelry on the northern end of the Middle Market.

Ordering will open at our website tomorrow at 8am and close on Tuesday at 10pm.

For first time users please click on our information page on the link on the right sidebar entitled “Winter Market: How it Works”.

Our produce news is that we will have slightly more salad, spinach, and bunching greens than two weeks ago, so green things shouldn’t sell out as quickly as they have the past few pickups. In this strong February sunlight the plants are going to start growing like gangbusters, so we hope we are underestimating amounts this week. We are getting our second wave of spinach cuttings, and third wave of lettuce cuttings. We have new lettuce and greens seeded in the ground, and that will be coming in sometime in March. We have our kale disease under control, but the plants are still embattled, having suffered all winter.

We are all sold out of napa cabbage and garlic, and this may be the last week for beets! We are still swimming in crunchy carrots and have at least a month of turnips in storage. Potatoes are holding up, We discovered a box of All Blue Potatoes, so those are on the list this week, along with our regular potatoes.

On farm news, we have tomatoes seeded and germinating in flats, ready to plant in our heated greenhouse in March. Parsley and green onions are germinated in flats and on track for an April planting.

Thanks for bearing with us last week during our truck troubles. We are working on our communication and will be switching to a new email service before the weekend, and should we need to communicate with all our customers again, we’ll be able to send instant email updates, instead of in batches.

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