Truck Troubles. We will be late to Pickup.

Our truck is currently unusable. We are working on solutions. We will know more soon. Look here for updates.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is our truck, painted last summer. It took 20 years to get this done!

We will have a pickup this Saturday at the Lincoln Square Village from 9-11. This time we will be joining the Middle Market in the main corridor where Art Mart used to live. (Sad to see them go.) They haven’t decided where they’re putting us yet, but we suspect it will be close to our old spot at the Holiday Market, in front of the main doors.

After this gorgeous weekend, we are looking at a week of colder temperatures, which will include Saturday.

We are waiting for seeds to germinate, and leaves to get bigger. We have almost worked our way through all of our spinach, and are about a week off on beginning a cycle of second-cuttings. For that reason, spinach is going to sell out quickly. So will salad, head lettuce, and all of the fresh produce. We are going to have a few bags of braising mix for sale this time, which is a mix of tatsoi, mizuna, and baby kale, with possibly some arugula if we can get any. These are the ingredients of our salad mix without the lettuce. It makes a wonderful salad if you happen to like sturdy, strong-flavored leaves.

Of course, all of our storage items will be in abundance. Carrots, potatoes, turnips, beets, and misato radishes. As usual, if you didn’t happen to order these items, but you want some anyway, feel free to take them from any table. We always bring extra.

For any new users, click on the right side bar link titled: “Winter Market: How it Works” if you need more information on how to do this.

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