Pickup 1-16-16. Ordering is Closed

35819369_3dfa63642bWe will have our next pickup on Saturday January 16th, at the Food Court in front of Piato at the Lincoln Square Village from 9-11am.

We don’t have as many bunching greens as we normally do at this time of year, we are battling disease thanks to the warm fall, and the recent moisture. All of the bunching greens will sell out very quickly. Bok choy will also sell out quickly as we are about to run out of our September seeded bok choy.

We have a good amount of salad and spinach. Also lots of carrots, potatoes, beets, turnips, and radishes.

Below is a guide to our potatoes.


Carola: Mid-starch, buttery flavor, yellow flesh. Uses: Very versatile, from roasting to baking to gratin, delicious.
All Blue: High in antioxidants, marbled blue/white flesh, med to high starch. Uses: great in potato salads, baked or boiled.
Desiree : Pink skin, yellow flesh, moist firm texture. Uses: salads and stews.
Purple Viking: Purple/pink splashed skin, white flesh, moist texture. Uses: we have used them mashed and in salads, creamy texture.
Laratte Fingerling: yellow flesh, waxy. Uses: roasting!
French Fingerling: Marbled pink/ivory flesh, waxy firm texture. Uses: roasting and grilling!

We will have Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery with us again for the pickup on the 16th. Stay tuned for an update on what cheeses they will be have in stock.

After the 16th, we will have one more pickup on January 30th. We do pickups every other week in the winter. Starting in February, our pickups will happen at the Middle Market. Same time, different place in the mall. We still don’t know which spot they are going to give us, but we’ll let you know.

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