First Winter Market Coming Early This Year 1-2-16: Ordering is Closed

IMG_4773Here’s a shot from our final carrot harvest in November. Those are just a few of our carrot containers ready to go into the cooler.

We have so much fresh produce that we are starting our pre-ordering early this year.

Pickup will be at the Lincoln Square Village in front of Piato in the food court from 9-11am.

Ordering is open and will close on Tuesday 10pm.

We’re going to change the ordering system slightly to try to make the markets easier. (FYI, we are going to have an extra person working to cut down on the wait times.) You will only have to pre-order the freshly harvested produce. We’ll let you know what storage items will be available, and we will bring enough to satisfy your carrot and potato needs.

Baby Bok Choy, Salad Mix, and Spinach are available for pre-order. These items will also be pre-bagged.

We will also bring carrots, beets, turnips, napa cabbage, and potatoes to buy.

For any new users who may have questions, click on the link on the right sidebar: Winter Market: How it Works.

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